MoveNow Training Series

One day can change everything. Together with the International Paralympic Committee and three Para athletes, we're launching an accessible training series for young people with disabilities, co-created by people with disabilities. We’ll show that they can #MoveNow and energize them to break through that day-one wall, provide them with the knowledge and support to keep them moving, and prepare them for their journey into sports.
No matter the number of successes, medals, and sponsorship deals, what’s true for almost every Paralympian is that on Day 1, they were just like you. Watch how the Para athletes Nico Langmann, Mary Fitzgerald, and Fleur Jong destroy their Day 1.

In Episode 1, you’ll meet two Day 1ers, Ellie and Zach. Ellie is 15 years old and profoundly deaf, autistic, and has some cognitive and balance limitations. Ellie is super keen to get moving and build her self-confidence. 

Zach is 23 years old. He has cerebral palsy and is a passionate advocate for those living with a disability. Zach is doing 'Day 1 Done' to show more people with disabilities that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

In Episode 2, you’ll meet two Day 1ers, Amelia and Daniel. Amelia is 12 years old with a leg amputee. She’s a force of nature and has decided to take part in ‘Day 1 Done’ to overcome some of her doubts and fears about moving. 

Daniel is 17 years old with Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair. But he believes there’s nothing he can’t do!

In Episode 3, you’ll meet two Day 1ers; Florence and Finley. Florence is 13 years old and visually impaired. She's one determined and independent individual! Florence is up for anything and was super keen to be part of ‘Day 1 Done’. She wants to show the world that it doesn’t matter if you have a disability – you can still do anything! 

Finley is 13 years old and has Aperts Syndrome. He’s outgoing, cheeky, and always optimistic. Finley wants to raise awareness of Aperts Syndrome and prove to himself that he can learn new sports easily. 

We’re committed to getting you moving from Day 1 and beyond. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive 21-day training plan designed to improve your strength, explosive power, coordination, balance and flexibility. These Para training drills have been created by professional Para coach Guido Bonsen in collaboration with Paralympic athletes; Nico Langmann, Mary Fitzgerald and Fleur Jong. Each drill can be adapted to suit your individual ability, however they are not fully inclusive.
Combilation of three example training plans: arm lifts, rocket and flexi-knees

We’ve documented our learnings from our ‘Day 1 Done #MoveNow’ project to help more people understand how to create accessible productions.

This manual doesn’t detail how to be fully inclusive end-to-end but instead outlines our accessibility considerations and key experiences through our creative process.

Nico is a 25-year-old wheelchair tennis player from Austria. He has been paraplegic since a car accident at the age of two - something his parents refused to accept. For years he fought against the wheelchair, in Russian rehab centers as well as with Brazilian "miracle healers": a battle he could not win. He accepted his life as it was, and is living his dream ever since. Through his family's interest, he got into tennis at the age of 9 and developed into a world-class wheelchair tennis player. In 2016, Nico was the youngest member of the Austrian Paralympic Team for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. He is currently ranked 15th in the world.

In 2022, he established his own foundation to support children with disabilities in sports Nico Langmann.

23-year-old Mary was born short in stature. She was inspired by the London 2012 Paralympic Games to get involved in Para sports. Since joining the Irish Paralympic team in 2019, she has successfully competed internationally, most notably in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, finishing in 6th place. Furthermore, she recently graduated with an honors degree in Occupational Therapy from University College Cork.

Mary is passionate about people with disabilities getting opportunities to engage in sports. She believes that sport has the power to change society's sometimes negative and limiting perceptions about what people with disabilities are capable of. She is grateful for what sports have done for her and wishes that other children have the same opportunities. 

When Fleur was 17 years old, in 24 hours, her life changed. She got sick. So sick that she lost both her legs. The doctors told her that she would never walk, let alone sport again. 

But Fleur always knew one thing. She wanted to walk again and live an independent life.

Step by step, she got better, taking her first steps again after five months. When she could walk again, she decided to start with track and field and quickly became an elite athlete. Today 26-year-old Fleur is a Paralympic champion in long jump and the fastest woman on earth without lower legs.
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