Sustainability is at the core of our business

Our purpose – We secure your future – informs all our decisions and shapes our approach to sustainability. The very nature of what we do contributes to creating secure and sustainable economies and societies.

"We will take sustainability to the heart of Allianz" – CEO Oliver Bäte

Our CEO Oliver Bäte explains why sustainability is so important to us and what we do to integrate sustainability into everything that happens at Allianz to drive real world impact in societies, economies and the environment.
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Global Actions
We take long-term action to meet global challenges
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Community Impact
We show up for the communities we are in and bring solutions at the local level
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Individual Inspiration
We support and celebrate those who are leading the way
Our ambition is to be the trusted partner of our stakeholders, using our global scale and expertise to help to solve society’s most pressing issues.
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We achieved the top position of all +125 rated insurance companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Since 2000, we have been in the top field in the DJSI which assesses environmental, social and governance criteria. Our achievements in the environmental area performed particularly well, while in the social and the governance area we also raised the bar significantly higher. And we’re ready for more.

The recent U.N. Climate Conference (COP27) made it clear that to advance initiatives important to sustainable investing, a field in which we play a leading role, we need to meet the opportunities and challenges head on. Ryan Korinke, managing director and head of sustainability at PIMCO, one of the world's premier fixed income investment firm, speaks out about the way forward for sustainable fixed income investors.
Portrait of Ryan Korinke, managing director and head of sustainability at PIMCO
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We are strongly committed to the climate targets of the United Nations to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Therefore, Allianz Group is adapting its guidelines to pragmatically provide insurance and investment in renewable energy projects. The changes aim to support and speed up the transition of energy companies, particularly in Asia and Eastern Europe, where the adaptation from coal to renewables is difficult and less advanced than in Europe or the United States.

We invest and use our resources for the best possible future for our customers.
We are engaged in the communities we are in. We support social resilience for the people who live and work in the communities in which we operate. We focus especially on the support of next generations and people with disabilities.  
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In response to increasing new risks such as the pandemic, global warming, and energy shocks, Allianz France launched an ecosystem called "My Prevention" that is dedicated to identifying and anticipating risks by deploying new solutions. Allianz aims to strengthen their role in prevention and support their customers in the face of risks related to their mission of securing their future.
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Allianz Life US partners with people and organizations who are proactively working to lower barriers and promote economic inclusivity. We believe the best way to make a positive impact in our community is to focus on our existing areas of expertise. We support the people and organizations that are working to reduce barriers to economic inclusion at all stages of life. For Allianz, economic inclusion means that all people have their basic needs met, opportunities for gainful employment, and resources to increase their financial knowledge.
Group of young malaysians with survival trainer on a training session

Allianz Malaysia Berhad – via its corporate social responsibility arm, Allianz4Good – collaborated with the Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) to provide Flood Survival Trainings for Malaysians, its Allianz We Care Community members and employees, to be better prepared for floods this year.

We enrich the local communities in which we operate, supporting customers where they are.
We celebrate and amplify the inspirational actions of those people who are making a difference.
Cyclist Omar the Felice stands in a tunnel with bicycle and a big yellow jacket ready for Antarctica

To raise awareness on climate change, Allianz Italy partnered with ultra-cyclist Omar di Felice, previously on his way to make the first crossing of Antarctica by bike. We amplified his incredible adventures across our platforms and hope to inspire action towards a more sustainable future.
Portrait of Parlympian swimmer Suemeyye Boyaci

The "Together with Hope" campaign of Allianz Turkey centered around world champion national swimmer Sümeyye Boyaci, whose life and Paralympic success inspired the nation. Born without arms but a successful swimmer, she is a powerful symbol for hope in challenging times.
Man standing on Taiwan sea looking at the water

With a professionally produced video Allianz Taiwan documents Grandpa Sea Salt’s and his grandson’s traditional method of extracting salt from the sea using only rift wood and seawater. By bridging tradition with the future, we believe we can secure a better future for our customers.
We live our purpose and bring sustainability home. Watch our Green Moment Series to see how our people strive for sustainability in their daily lives.

A home is a place where small changes can be a part of making a big difference. From what we eat and the energy we use, to how we manage waste or choose which household products buy. 
For Samar, seeing the impact of environmentally-friendly changes in her own life helped her improve sustainability initiatives at Allianz Egypt. This is Samar’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.

A more sustainable diet is just one small way to make a bigger contribution to protecting our planet and reducing emissions.
For Egmont, a change to his weekly food shop led to a transformation in Allianz’s canteens. This is Egmont’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.

The way we move matters for sustainability. From taking public transport or riding a bike, to using electric vehicles alternatives – many of us are making efforts to live greener.
For Franz, a change to his daily commute had an electrifying impact on travel at Allianz. This is Franz’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.

We inspire customers by amplifying individuals doing esteemable acts and who are using their voices for sustainable change.

We systematically consider climate and sustainability criteria in our insurance and investment business. We constantly update and develop our approach to identifying and managing climate change risks and opportunities. 

The Sustainability Committee of the Group Supervisory Board is the highest governing body on sustainability-related topics for the Allianz Group. Regular exchanges on ESG issues take place, relevant for economically sound and sustainable development.
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Whether traditional sport, cultural institution or new NGO – we build partnerships with organizations that share our values and believes: A better tomorrow.
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Actions speak louder than words. Our global moves and local activations show how we inspire and make an impact.