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Allianz becomes a sponsor of the Federation of Italian Canoe Kayak

Allianz S.p.A. and the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation have announced today the sponsorship agreement that will see them together until 2028. The insurance group will be the "T-Shirt Sponsor" of the Italian national canoe and kayak teams - senior and youth - who will be able to display the Allianz brand on their jerseys and blue canoes.

Insuring the biggest sports events on earth

Major sporting events such as Euro 2024 and the Olympics excite and unite billions of people around the world, but for event organizers, delivering such spectacles is not without its challenges, whether this is the potential for disruption caused by extreme weather or a cyber incident. Years of experiences, learnings, and risk management planning ensures the shows go on, as does the support of insurance, which has an integral role to play in helping enable such amazing events to take place.

Why our Allianz colleagues Nadja and Robin are cooking for soldiers in Ukraine

It all started with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Like many others, our colleagues Nadja and Robin Kroha were deeply moved by what was happening. Determined to support the Ukrainian people, they made their way to Lviv, a city in western Ukraine, to prepare food parcels for the soldiers on the front line. Watch the video to learn more about their inspiring story and their experiences.