Our Culture & behavioral principles

The world around us is changing rapidly and financial services along with it. The Renewal Agenda makes sure we keep building on our strong foundations and reinforce our leading position by focusing our efforts in five fields of action: True Customer Centricity, Digital by Default, Technical Excellence, Growth Engines and Inclusive Meritocracy.
We believe, our culture has to evolve towards a more agile, customer-oriented and collaborative mindset. Inclusive Meritocracy at Allianz can be described by three principles.

in a culture of Inclusive Meritocracy

count and define individual performance at Allianz

set the aspiration for how each and every one of us should act
The four "Peoples Attributes" shown as hexagonal building blocks: Entrepreneurship, Customer & Markte Excellence, Trust, Collaborative Leadership

We identified 4 People Attributes with 3 underlying target behaviors as being essential to driving Inclusive Meritocracy. They are based on feedback from Allianz leaders worldwide and set the aspiration for how each and every one of us should act.
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  • Act on opportunities, take risks and promote a culture that allows honest failure
  • Take ownership and responsibility
  • Embrace innovation


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  • Foster state-of-the-art technical/operational knowledge and strive for simplification
  • Strive for excellence at every touch point with the customer
  • Be the benchmark


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  • Act with integrity, honor commitments and tell the truth
  • Act transparently, and promote corporate social responsibility
  • Foster diversity and inclusiveness


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  • Empower the team and provide purpose and direction
  • Develop people, provide feedback and care for employee well-being
  • Collaborate and exchange best practices


The financial services industry is undergoing rapid changes. Increasingly fast innovation cycles and disruptive forces require fresh minds that understand what our customers need from us. If you dare, there is an opportunity for you.
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