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Cities That Work: London, Stockholm, Berlin

The study examines 26 top-tier cities in Europe and incorporates 20 proprietary and external indicators that are used to generate structural scores for each city. The new model incorporated a new category to represent the growing internal and external ESG awareness with distinct environmental, social, and governance components.

Allianz France and CNP Assurances announce the transfer of Allianz France’s savings contract portfolio to CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances and Allianz France announced today that they have finalized a transfer of savings contracts from Allianz France to CNP Assurances. The transfer comprises more than 20,000 life insurance and capitalization policies for total assets of 2.1 billion euros.

Allianz and VGP expand relationship with new European logistics joint venture

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of several Allianz group companies, and VGP, a European provider of high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate, have agreed to form a new 50/50 joint venture.

Allianz buys in to Swedish residential portfolio via new joint venture with Heimstaden Bostad

Allianz Real Estate, on behalf of several Allianz companies, and Heimstaden Bostad AB have today announced a new joint venture giving Allianz exposure to a 99-asset, Swedish residential portfolio. The portfolio, acquired by Heimstaden Bostad from Akelius, has a gross asset value of EUR 3 billion and comprises assets in two of Sweden’s three biggest cities, Stockholm and Malmö.

Allianz Real Estate, in partnership with Ivanhoé Cambridge, establishes USD 2 billion platform to invest in Japan multi-family residential property

Allianz Real Estate, one of the world’s largest real estate investment managers, announced today that it has established a new investment platform, in partnership with Ivanhoé Cambridge and other investors, to build a diversified portfolio of multi-family residential assets across top tier cities in Japan.

The new rules of the road: Get ready for driverless driving

Self-driving cars will change the way we live. Infrastructure, both physical and legal, will have to be adapted. But rather than a big bang of transformative change, we will likely see a gradual shift: first, the incorporation of new safety features, then low-speed automation, then the roll-out of automated fleets, and finally, safer rides for everyone. A look at the world of autonomous driving.

Allianz completes €466m cross-border, prime retail portfolio debt transaction

Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of several Allianz Group companies, has lent EUR 466 million on a long-term basis to a consortium of borrowers for the refinancing of a prime retail portfolio in France and Belgium. This latest financing is the largest European debt deal for Allianz Real Estate in 2021 and underscores the strength of its European debt proposition.

The (Back) Book of Life

Everyday life is evolving with time. So is life insurance With the Solvency II directive changing the way insurers set aside capital reserves for products, capital-efficient offerings are the way forward The combination of high guaranteed annuity rates, longevity improvements, together with the low interest rate environment and a lack of very long dated assets make these products the most complex to manage

Allianz Partners and Uber are partnering to provide benefits and protection insurance for independent drivers and couriers in Europe

Allianz Partners will provide Uber’s Partner Protection program, covering independent drivers and couriers that use the Uber and Uber Eats apps across 23 European countries. The coverage includes on-trip benefits in cases of accidents, injury or hospitalisations, as well as off-trip benefits such as sick pay and maternity/paternity payments.