Tomorrow – A podcast by Allianz Research

For the third edition of the Allianz Trade Global Survey, we asked over 3,000 companies in China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the UK and the US about their outlook for global trade in the year ahead. 

We found that exporters are more optimistic in 2024 but also more worried about geopolitical risks, shortages of inputs & labor and financing & non-payment risks. 

In this episode, we find out more about the results from Senior Economist Françoise Huang and Head of Corporate Research Ano Kuhanathan. 

Corporate financing constraints hit a record high in 2023, mainly driven by the largest jump in payment terms since 2008. In this episode, we speak to Ana Boata, Head of Economic Research at Allianz Trade, and Maxime Lemerle, Lead Analyst for Insolvency Research to find out why it is taking companies longer to get paid. 

Read the full report "The cost of pay me later"

The global auto industry is going through a significant transformation towards electric vehicles but the path ahead will be turbulent, shaped by geopolitical tensions, slowing demand and regulatory uncertainties. 

In this episode, we speak to sector advisors Yao Lu and Maria Latorre to find out why Chinese carmakers are racing ahead, while European ones are lagging behind. Read the full report "Global auto outlook: Steering through turbulence"

Whoever wins the US elections in November will have to contend with a changing economy. In this episode, we speak to Senior Economist Maxime Darmet and Lead Investment Strategist Jordi Basco Carrera about what a potential second Trump presidency could mean for growth, inflation, and capital markets, as well as trade, fiscal and industrial policies.  Read the full report "Trumponomics - the sequel"

After the high-speed and broad-based rebound in 2023, what's the outlook for business insolvencies in 2024?

In this episode, we find out from Ano Kuhanathan, Head of Corporate Research, and Maxime Lemerle, Lead Analyst for Insolvency Research. Read the full report " Global Insolvency Outlook: Reality check":

As China's parliamentary meetings come to an end, what's the outlook for the economy in 2024 and beyond? 

In this episode, we speak to Senior Economist Francoise Huang about whether the ‘New Three’ industries of electric vehicles, batteries and solar energy products could become China's new drivers of growth. Read the full report " China: keeping the Dragon awake"


In the 25 years since the foundation of the Euro, the economic gap between the US and Eurozone has almost tripled. What explains this widening gap and how can Europe regain its competitive edge? We find out in this episode with Senior Economists Bjorn Griesbach and Jasmin Groeschl from Allianz Research. 

Read the full report " Europe needs to step up its game: Lessons from the American playbook"