Allianz Investor Relations App

The latest information about Allianz Group and its share sent directly to your tablet or smartphone - for both iOS and Android.

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The Allianz Investor Relations App provides you with the most important information about share prices, bonds, company results, press releases, financial calendar. 
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What does the Allianz Investor Relations App offer?

A brief overview of how Allianz shares are performing, information on our bonds, or a quick glance on the run in the current annual report or get informed via push notifications:

All important Investor Relations information is published on the website and the app at the same time. Every user now has immediate access to up-to-date data, regardless of the end device they use.

What does the app include?

The app offers a wide range of information for private shareholders and institutional investors. The advantage of the app: we concentrate the information that our customers are looking for concerning the latest developments.

The app's principal function is a library with all the information relating to quarterly and annual results. For example, annual and half-year reports, press releases, analysts' presentations and audio and video recordings of all analyst events. The app also contains information on Allianz shares and bonds. In addition, the user can access share price data on indices. It also includes an integrated interactive financial calendar.

Why an app? Is the Investor Relations website not sufficient for people to find the information they need?

Our customers - shareholders, investors and analysts - travel a lot and often do not have access to desktop or notebook computers. The website can only be opened with an internet connection. And then you need a few clicks to find the information you want.

The app enables us to put the most important information in a location where it can be easily accessed with just one click. Even when you're offline. For example, you could download a presentation or report before you begin your journey, and read it through when you're on the plane or train, without an internet connection. Our website,, can then be used to provide more in-depth information.

Are there any other benefits to using the app?

We aim to make our information available to all customers at the same time and in the same form. At the flick of a switch, all information and documents are simultaneously made available on and the app, for example, when we publish our reports. This, and other developments, such as the highly elaborate search within a document, or push notifications on your Apple Watch or Android Smartwatch place us a cut above the competition.

Of course, customer demands change, and new technologies are constantly opening up new areas to explore. The app is continually under development, and we'd love to hear what you think!

Allianz Investor Relations App
Allianz Investor Relations App
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