Flexible, collaborative, agile.
Meet our new Ways of Working at Allianz

Things change. How we work and do business around the world is shifting—how we use technology, where and when we work, what skills we need and more. We see technology and digitization being used in ways never known before, unprecedented advancements in flexible working models and continuous upskilling needed to ensure the workforce is ready for the future—not to mention a stronger call for action on mental health and well-being, equity, and sustainability. And while these trends have been steadily emerging, the COVID pandemic accelerated our transformation already in progress at Allianz. 

So things change, yes, and Allianz evolves.

Did you know? We are setting benchmarks for a healthy, resilient, and equitable future of work across industries and countries.
Our Ways of Working (WOW) aren't only for our employees, they empower our customers, organization and culture too! By caring for tomorrow through our WOW, we enhance employee engagement, productivity and innovation—resulting in simpler and prompter service offerings for our customers, resilience in the face of change, and a faster and flatter organization and culture. Here's how our WOW impacts these groups:
  • Flexible and autonomous working in our hybrid work environment
  • Empowerment from digital tools, skills and training to support our technical advancements and cultural shifts
  • Professional mental health, well-being, learning and development offerings to keep you healthy and working your best
  • Prompter service offerings from anywhere, anytime
  • Service with the right combination of digital and personal touch
  • Simpler and more innovative products and delivery
  • Preparedness and resilience for change 
  • A culture of collaboration, empowerment, trust, and outcome-focused performance
  • Development of a higher-skilled and more engaged workforce within a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Faster execution through an agile and flat organization

Here’s a closer look at our global standards in place around the world, and a deeper look at our WOW in action
 for shaping the Future of Work.

As our companies deliver our WOW across 70+ countries to nearly 150,000 people, please note that there may be local and legal variances that impact timelines and deployment of these items. In some cases, there may also be instances where these policies apply according to job/business requirements.

“I encountered WOW while I was researching Allianz during my recruitment process. The agile culture at Allianz that offers a people-focused, fun and an independent way of working affected my choice of future employer. Despite other offers, I wanted to become a member of the Allianz family."

Business Architect
Istanbul, Turkey
AZ Turkey

“Our Ways of Working have influenced how we work in our cross-country team set up while also providing more opportunities for flexibility, agility, and collaboration. The extended usage of collaboration tools like MS Teams, Jira and WebEx has strengthened our exchange.”

Product Owner
Munich, Germany
AZ Technology

“WOW is redefining how people perceive flexibility. It’s becoming more acceptable to work in ways that support the needs of the business while also allowing people to prioritize their personal lives. Before, it may have been disruptive to work from home if there’s a repair appointment, a sick child or even to be able to make it to a soccer game. Now, it’s becoming the way we work and live. I think our Ways of Working are redefining work-life balance and allowing everyone to find a routine that works best for them.”

CEO Chief of Staff
Minneapolis, USA
AZ Life