Allianz fosters a corporate culture of individual and collective responsibility for ethical conduct and adherence to the rules. We act with integrity and are committed to complying with laws, regulations and other external rules that govern our operations. The same applies to our internal rules. This page provides information on our Code of Conduct, the reporting process if you have any concerns and current fraud warnings. 
Allianz takes all information regarding suspicious or fraudulent activities very seriously. Please inform us if you suspect that you have been written to or verbally approached under the improper use of the brand name "Allianz" or the company logo (Allianz Logo) or if the brand name or logo of Allianz are fraudulently used in the internet.
Allianz gives highest priority to compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations. When violations are detected at an early stage, appropriate actions can be taken to prevent or mitigate damages to customers, employees, business partners and the company itself. If you have observed or suspect that someone (e.g. an employee, an agent or a provider of the Allianz Group) has violated applicable laws, regulations or Allianz’s internal rules, we urge you to raise your concerns. In doing so, you will be helping to support us in our commitment to act ethically. We value your input and are committed to providing you with a secure reporting channel.
Questions regarding corporate management, control and transparency are summarized under Corporate Governance.
Our internal purpose is: We secure your future.
Directors' dealings are subject to reporting requirements.