Activations to inspire and prepare

As a global brand we take our responsibility seriously. We believe that our world-spanning reach should be used to extend our commitment beyond our products and services: we want to connect with people and inspire them through iconic moves on a global scale and with everyday actions. By providing expert guidance and practical resources for our customers, our employees and society, we are making a positive impact.  

What does it take to get ready for the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024? Watch our social media series and unpack our infographics & sports explainers to see the sports, city and athletes like never before. 

With a bold metaphor using a square football, we bring awareness to the many challenges and hardships faced by women in professional football, especially around financial uncertainties.  Learn how we are taking an active step in preparing aspiring and young athletes through education and awareness- focused programs for their best tomorrow.

Built for the next generation and our athlete community, this three-part training plan aims to provide foundation education on the topics of finances, investment, and insurance. As a MoveNow initiative we prepare for all live has to offer.

Get ready to explore your own personal best: In the run-up to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris we are ready to excite and take everyone on a journey to show how preparation unlocks all kinds of personal bests.

In our recently published study of 6,000 female professionals in Germany, the UK, and the U.S, we heard that financial confidence is an important and relevant topic for women. Using these insights, we created the Ready Coach program, a free financial coaching that gets young women ready to pursue their passions with confidence.

The pandemic changed life for many, especially children who moved less than ever. So we launched MoveNow – a program that gets children moving through sports camps, training videos with the International Paralympic Committee and many other initiatives.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, we dispatched medical and assistance teams for the affected areas and earmarked one million Euros to match employee donations. 

But we are also helping to prepare for future events. To do so, we invest in earthquake research and damages mitigation.

For many, starting to invest seems intimidating. Start Making Cents was born from a need to “make sense” of financial topics and present them in an engaging, approachable way. The educational series aims to help people prepare for the best when it comes to their personal finances, with the help of none other than actor Christoph Waltz.

To help parents and children confidently and safely navigate the Metaverse, we’ve teamed up with psychologist Dr Rachel Kowert to support with expert advice. With a series of short videos, we provide answers to the most pressing questions.
Woman with her blind daughter sitting happily on a couch
Male Allianz employee laughing
Turtle diving to the surface
Girl getting ready to swim
Trying to achieve a more sustainable future is something we act on every day.  To prepare people for a livable, beneficial, exciting future.
Girl with prothesis in a gym
Whether traditional sport, cultural institution or new NGO – we build partnerships with organizations that share our values and believes: A better tomorrow.