"Ask me anything" by Allianz Research

What’s the outlook for global trade in 2024-2025?

Ana Boata, Head of Economic Research at Allianz Research, reveals the results of our Allianz Trade Global Survey 2024 in the first episode of our Ask Me Anything series on global trade. 

Will China continue to be the world’s critical supplier? 

In this episode of Ask Me Anything, Senior Economist Françoise Huang explains how the dependence on China has been increasing, especially in higher value added sectors such as computers & telecom and electronics. 

How do we green global shipping?  

In this episode, Head of Corporate Research Ano Kuhanathan explains why there there can be no green trade without green shipping. 

Will the EU carbon border adjustment work to reduce emissions?  

Jasmin Gröschl explains how the Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism could incentivize greener production around the world. Want to know more about sustainability in global trade?

Is the world really deglobalizing?  

The golden era of global trade may well be behind us, but is the world really deglobalizing? In the last episode of our series, Chief Economist Ludovic Subran explains how companies will need to adapt to a changing environment. 

Climate mitigation is essential. But the truth is: over the coming years, climate change will continue, causing more extreme weather events and natural hazards. Are we entering an uninsurable world?

Arne Holzhausen, Head of Insurance, Wealth and Trend Research, answers your question. 

The most complex problem for green energy systems, based mainly on wind and solar is the fluctuation and seasonality of its energy provision: To counter that, we need electricity storage – and flexible power plants that jump in when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. How should we achieve this flexibility? Which technology is the most promising?

Markus Zimmer, Senior Economist for ESG, gives his answer to this question.

Many of the recent initiatives to advance the green transformation – like the US IRA or the EU Green Deal – smack of protectionism, in the name of sovereignty and de-risking. Do you think green economies will become rather closed? Is there still a role for international trade?

Jasmin Gröschl, Senior Economist, can answer this question for you. 

COP 28 marks the beginning of the end of fossil fuels. What consequences do you expect for the oil & gas markets, if any? The oil majors are doomed? Or is the COP-Agreement of little to no relevance for markets and players?

Ano Kuhanathan, Head of Corporate Research, answers this question.  

The green transition implies billions of new investments and economy-wide reskilling of workers. It’s a large-scale growth program for economies, isn’t it? What consequences do you expect for growth and jobs?

Listen to what Ana Boata, Head of Economic Research, Allianz Trade, has to say.