Allianz Global Insurance Map

Total global insurance premium income amounted to almost EUR5.6trn in 2022, increasing by EUR259bn or +4.9% – against the backdrop of a global inflation rate of 8.6%.  However, the three segments fared very differently: While property and casualty (p&c) clocked robust growth of +8.7%, health expanded by a more modest +4.9%, and life insurance market growth was a dismal +2.4%: squeezed real household incomes took a toll on private savings.

The global numbers, however, conceal the developments at the national level – which can be quite different from global trends. With the interactive “Allianz Global Insurance Map”, readers can navigate through the particularities of national markets by themselves. Simply choose a country and retrieve data, from premium growth and volume per capita to general economic growth and inflation; data cover not only the last year but the entire period since 2000 – for a comprehensive overview of each market.