Road to Paris 2024

As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements, we’re getting ready for Paris 2024 – and we’re not the only ones. We all know about the athletes. Training day in, and day out, to reach their personal best. But preparation goes way beyond the field. 

So join us as we take you on the real Road to Paris. And get a behind-the-scenes look at how Allianz, Paris, and the global community are getting ready for the Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2024.

Are you an athlete? Fan? Somewhere in between?

Watch our ten-episode series to find out what it takes to get ready for the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024. And see the sports, city and athletes like never before.

See how Allianz celebrated Paralympic Day in the heart of Paris on 8 October by giving the community the chance to try Para athletics and meet Team Allianz athletes.
Watch as several Team Allianz athletes qualified for Paris 2024 at the Allianz Para Swimming World Championships in Manchester from 31 July - 6 August 2023. It‘s the second time we‘ve been the title sponsor following the success of London 2019.
Luc, Venue Manager
Markus, Para Long Jumper
“In the week before the competition, we don’t jump anymore.” Steffi Nerius, coach and mentor of Markus Rehm gives a glimpse into how she helps the Paralympic Champion get ready to give his best on and off the field. 
François, Volunteer
François is a volunteer. A professional volunteer. As a speaker of seven languages, he’s one of the last people athletes see before taking the field. He’s always ready. And he makes sure each athlete is, too.  

Madison, Wheelchair Racer
Preparation is a mindset. A mindset that helps you make the big calls, even when things don’t quite go to plan. Madison never planned to pull out mid-race in Paris - but she knew there was a bigger picture. And she can now focus on giving her best at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.
The image of an athlete running by wearing a Shoe with the Allianz Logo on it
With less than 100 days to go until Paris 2024, Allianz France, a major health insurance player strongly involved in the world of sport, analyses the physical activity of French people and the associated health impacts as part of a study.
Allianz France gears up for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games with a giant banner on Neptune Tower.
Less than 100 days until the Olympics 2024 will be kicked off, Allianz France proudly demonstrates its global partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements in the French capital.
Eike Bürgel has led the Olympic and Paralympic Program at Allianz since 2018. We recently asked her about the benefit of this partnership for the Allianz brand, people, and business, and she shared the sports discipline she’s most excited about.
Allianz employee with a suitcase in hand, walking over a bridge in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background
Ahead and during the Games, Allianz employees globally can get involved in the Olympics, be it as active participants or spectators. More than 500 colleagues from 16 Allianz entities will be volunteering at Paris 2024 in a variety of roles, while 2000 colleagues across 30 entities ordered tickets to cheer the athletes in person.
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Allianz is proud to partner with a diverse array of sports teams, organizations, cultural figures, sporting venues, and educational programs. We forge relationships with partners who support diversity, spread awareness about important social issues, and educate future generations.

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