Ready. Paris. Go.

Are you an athlete? Fan? Somewhere in between? As the Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Insurer, we're here to get you ready. For sports, for life, for real.

Chef Charles. Michael & Jackson. The Real Fan.

Watch our ten-episode series to find out what it takes to get ready for the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024. And see the sports, city and athletes like never before.

Cobblestones, currents and a newly swimmable Seine will make the Paris 2024 triathlon like no other. Get ready for the triathlon with Emma Lombardi and Jules Ribstein.
Episode 2
More than just a symbol. Get ready with Pierre, Thomas and the people of Paris as they share what the Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos mean to them.
Episode 3
Coming soon
There’s no getting around it – getting from A to B at the Olympic Games takes planning. Get ready with Marie, Eric and Allianz’s Veronique as they map out their route to success.
Episode 4
Coming soon
With 20,000 athletes to feed, nutrition is key. Get ready with Chef Charles and two of the athletes as the team prepares to cook 40,000 meals a day.
Episode 5
Coming soon
Two best friends prepare to lead their nation’s first home Olympic & Paralympic Games in 100 years. Get ready with Chefs de Mission, Michael and Jackson.
Allianz sides with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements as Worldwide Insurance Partner. With our partnership, we reinforce our position as an inclusive brand that cares about society and leads the way in empowering (and uniting) people around the globe.
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Check out our global and local MoveNow initiatives to get young people moving across the globe on the Road to Paris 2024 and beyond.