For your general inquiry to be addressed or resolved as quickly as possible, please direct it to the relevant country or organization. A convenient listing of international contacts is available on our Allianz Worldwide page. 
If you would like to reach the general switchboard of Allianz SE in Munich, please call 
+49 89 3800 0 
or click here for the mailing address or email address.
Please send media inquiries to
Corporate topics
Christina Bersick
Head of Corporate Communications
Mario Ghiai
Corporate Governance
Claudia Herrmann
People & Culture, Distribution
Julia Roebke
People & Culture
Ulrike Strauß
Financials, Market Management
Marion Zauner
Sustainability, IT
Life Insurance
Property & Casualty
Christian Weishuber
Property & Casualty Insurance, Legal Protection, Allianz Center for Technology, Global Automotive Germany
Dr. Melanie Berggold
Property & Casualty, Legal Protection
Sabine Schaffrath
Claims & Consumer Issues
Sara Benazouz
Regional Communications Officer
Noridhwati Razak
Regional Head of Corporate Communications 
Please note: Europe and North America do not have a single regional contact. You will find the right country contact in the list below.
Allianz Group in Austria

Dr. Thomas Gimesi
Spokesperson Allianz Austria

Allianz Australia Ltd.

Nicholas Scofield
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Sarah Blades
Group Manager Communications

Allianz in Belgium

Paul Möller
Head of Communications Benelux 

Allianz Seguros S.A – Colombia

Juliana Ferrer Vargas
Head of Communications

Allianz pojistovna a.s.

Vaclav Balek 
Head of Communications

Allianz France

Anne-Sandrine Cimatti
Estelle Ardouin
Head of External Communications
Sandrine Pichavant
Carla Leborgne-Buttazzoni
Remi Calvet 
Head of Media Relations 
Anne Marchegay
Head of Communications 
Marion Leblanc-Wohrer
Communications Manager

Allianz Deutschland AG

Pia Groeger
Lead Communications 
Franziska Fischer
Head of Communications 
Monika Reitsam-Rieger
Assistant Director Communications 
Andreas Schneider
Communications Manager 
Christine Meinel
Communications Manager
Hugo Kidston
Global Head of Communications 
Klaus Papenbrock 
Lead Communications DACH 
Pia Groeger  
Lead Communications Private Markets 
Christiane Hach
Head of Corporate Communications
Various Euler Hermes services are offered under Allianz Trade.
Ann-Catrin Boll-Ricker
Head of Communications
Antje Wolters
Claire Fraser
Global Head of Marketing & Communications 
Christiane Merkel
Head of Communications 
Elizabeth Goetze
Senior Spokesperson 

Allianz Greece

Julie Panagou 
Head of Market Mgmt & Communications 

Allianz Hungária Biztosító Zrt.

Allianz Irish Life Holdings PLC

Damien O'Neill 
Communications Manager

Allianz SpA

Carlo Andrea Rossanigo 
Head of Communications

Allianz Luxembourg

Paul Möller 
Head of Communications Benelux

T.U. Allianz Polska S.A.

Allianz Russia

Natalia Berezina 
Head of Communications

Allianz Re

Allianz - Slovenská poist'ovna a.s.

Allianz Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.

Laura Gallach Montero 
Head of Communications

Allianz Suisse

Hans-Peter Nehmer 
Head of Communications 

Allianz in The Netherlands

Paul Möller 
Head of Communications Benelux

Allianz Turkey

Allianz Insurance PLC

Claire Scott 
Head of Communications (interim)
Amy Yorston 
PR Consultant – Corporate 
Sian Baker 
PR Consultant – Commercial Lines
Sara Robinson 
PR Consultant – Commercial Lines and Specialty
Natasha Gibbs
PR Consultant – Personal Lines
Marion Leblanc-Wohrer
Lead Global Media
Susie Tillotson
Communications Manager

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Jennifer Marso 
Head of Communications 
Brett J. Weinberg 
Director of External Communications 
Jeff Faust 
Communications Manager
Michael Reid 
Communications Manager 
Agnes Crane 
Communications Manager 


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