Climate-related financial disclosure

As one of the world’s largest insurers and investors, we’re committed to limiting global warming and ensuring a fair transition to a low carbon future. We seize opportunities to drive decarbonization and climate change mitigation through our resources, partnerships, expertise and influence.

What are our climate-related risks and opportunities?

There’s no doubt climate change will materially affect economies and our lines of business. The risks and opportunities emerging today will increase over mid- and long-term. They include acute and chronic physical impacts on property and human health, such as warming temperatures, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, intensifying heatwaves, droughts and potential changes in vector-borne diseases.

Risks and opportunities also result from the cross-sectoral structural change stemming from the transition towards a low-carbon economy. These include the impacts of changes in climate policy, technology and market sentiment on the market value of financial assets, as well as resulting from climate change litigation.

The Allianz Group is exposed to risks that are influenced by climate change in a multitude of ways. We are impacted in two key ways:

  • As an insurer providing insurance policies, e.g. covering health impacts, property damage, or litigation claims and secondly through changes in the sectors and business models it underwrites.
  • As a large-scale institutional investor with significant stakes in economies, companies, infrastructure and real estate that are, or will be, affected by the physical impact of climate change and by the transition to a low-carbon economy.