Financial Literacy Hub

Financial literacy are the knowledge and skills that are needed to make sound financial decisions. Learning the basics about consumption, budgeting, saving, investing, and risk leads to increased financial resilience for individuals. In an increasingly complex world, being financially fit is not about accumulating wealth, but rather to maximize the resources available to individuals and make the most convenient financial choices to lead a happy life. Being financially literate is a need, not a luxury.

Starting financial education is continuous process, from childhood to adulthood. Providing a financial literacy toolbox to younger generations assists them to manage their finances when it matters and to make informed choices without falling into bad decisions that at times take years to fix. Therefore, as our strong commitment to the bright future of next generations, we introduce our ‘Allianz Finance Workout’ coaching material. It includes trainings on the basics of consumption, budgeting, saving, investing, risk, sustainability, and digitalization. The material is free of use and unbranded.  

Additionally, in the Financial Literacy Hub, you can find our research on financial and risk literacy with links to past and present work. Our interactive tools include a test to assess your financial literacy level, and easy-to-use calculators to aid in your everyday financial decisions. Finally, you can find the field work of taking the learnings off the page with the last to sections: Future Fitness and Making Cents.