Allianz Finance Workout

Whether you are a savvy-saver, or a financial newbie, explore our financial literacy course 

Allianz is working to help bridge the gaps of vulnerable groups’ needs for financial education and the lack of readily available resources. Our strong commitment towards helping build an inclusive society – and with a specific focus of improving the outcomes of younger generations and athletes – Allianz has developed a training journey for financial literacy. Using research and experience of our legacy programs on personal finance education, we developed a seven-module program to help learners develop the necessary skills for healthy and empowering financial choices ultimately improving financial behaviors and attitudes. Allianz provides seven learning modules each including presentations, workbooks, extended learnings, and a handbook.

The learning journey can be used individually or in communities, as well as with the support of our experts. Each module includes methodologies and resources to support self-learners and trainers that might engage in covering the content with communities. The material is accessible, engaging, and easy to use. It is meant to aid learners to apply skills that will help them plan and manage better their finances to secure their future. It is never too early or too late to learn.

This specific program is geared to appeal to young adults (ages 13-18). The goals of the learning journey are identifying personal goals; understanding consumption rights and obligations; distinguishing needs from wants to build skills for budgeting; understanding the compounding effect of interest rate and the benefits of saving and investing from a young age; describe risks, credit, and understand insurance protection; recognize basic concepts of sustainability and digitalization.

Financial literacy is a tool to acquire knowledge and skills needed to make important financial decisions.
Learn more about planning a purchase, dangers of over indebtedness, the tips and tricks of advertising, your consumer rights, and obligations. 
One skill that is often overlooked but is crucial for financial wellbeing is budgeting. 
Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth and save for your financial goals.
Learn more about risky situations in your everyday life, how to deal with risks, and the consequences of risky behavior. 
Learn more about sustainability, which considers the needs of present generations, without compromising those of future generations.  
Digitalization opened doors, not only for advancement and comfort, but also for dangers.