Sector Reports

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Easing prices to continue but climate change could put crop yields at risk.
Global registrations to continue their recovery from historical lows 
Challenging market environment, with a recovery unlikely in the short term 
Cyclical hurdles and long-term opportunities
Strong headwinds 
From brown to green  
Households cut down equipment spending after the Covid-19 boom
Digital transformation continues to fuel the global IT services industry  
Metals volatility and recession concerns threaten the short-term outlook  
Green growth dilemma
New consumption patterns, digitalization and environmental awareness are reshaping the market  
Pandemic-driven revenue growth has faded, but robust pipeline of new medicines will assure growth in the mid-term  
Cost-of-living crisis weighs on consumer spending
5G take-off fails to revive growth in a mature industry  
Cost-of-living crisis in major economies dashes hopes for a strong recovery  
New orders at risk, but high backlogs should ensure production and income in the short term
A boost from post-pandemic demand but higher costs ahead