SAMEpath Tool

With the world moving ever closer to the 2050 deadline to achieve Net Zero, Allianz now has a tool that outlines how the green transition can be achieved within the shrinking timeframe. The tool provides granular analysis of the transition pathway needed for more than 50 industries worldwide.

It charts the required emission reductions and associated investments needed to achieve the 1.5oC Net Zero commitments made by countries under the 2015 Paris Agreement. SAMEpath also examines the energy mix and how the speed of implementation can vary by region, country and sector.

Users of SAMEpath can conduct customized data searches to display and download data on a requested variable, region and/or scenario. The dashboard also contains a geographical map allowing users to compare different countries for a given variable, scenario and year combination. With it, they can, for example, quickly find the GHG emissions of the United States in different climate scenarios up until 2050 and beyond.

The Risk Assessment portion of the dashboard enables users to identify climate transition risks in different scenarios and for various sectors and the economy as a whole. Here users can observe the predicted impact of each transition scenario on the final sector demand of a given country. The Abatement Cost Curves subsection explores the relationship between emission reductions (overall or in a given industry) and the associated carbon price required to achieve those reductions.