Tackling climate change

As one of the world’s largest insurers and investors, we’re committed to limiting global warming and fostering a just transition to a low-carbon future. We seize opportunities to drive decarbonization and climate resilience through our resources, partnerships, expertise and influence.
Our climate change strategy is built around the three pillars, through which we can have an impact: Anticipate. Care. Enable.
As one of the world’s largest insurers and investors, we’re committed to limiting global warming and ensuring a fair transition to a low-carbon future.
For a full overview of our climate-related commitments, check out the 2022 Allianz Group Sustainability Report. A selection of commitments is included below.
emissions in our proprietary investment portfolio by 2050.
25% reduction in emissions in listed equities and corporate bonds by 2025 (baseline 2019).
renewable electricity in our  operations by 2023 as part of our RE100 commitment.
Allianz Sustainability Report 2021
Group Environmental Guideline
Explanatory Notes
A home is a place where small changes can be a part of making a big difference. From what we eat and the energy we use, to how we manage waste or choose which household products buy. 
For Samar, seeing the impact of environmentally-friendly changes in her own life helped her improve sustainability initiatives at Allianz Egypt. This is Samar’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.
A more sustainable diet is just one small way to make a bigger contribution to protecting our planet and reducing emissions.
For Egmont, a change to his weekly food shop led to a transformation in Allianz’s canteens. This is Egmont’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.
The way we move matters for sustainability. From taking public transport or riding a bike, to using electric vehicles alternatives – many of us are making efforts to live greener.
For Franz, a change to his daily commute had an electrifying impact on travel at Allianz. This is Franz’s Green Moment. Tell us yours.
Allianz has been investing in renewable energies since 2005. Michelle, responsible for setting the strategy for renewable energies investments, is proud to support the energy transition, making a difference on a very large scale, while Cristina, who sources renewable energy projects, is grateful to have the opportunity to invest in accordance with her personal sustainability beliefs. These are their contributions to a future free from fossil-fuels. Tell us yours.
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