In retrospective, 2021 might have been the last year of the old “new normal”, with bullish stock markets powered by monetary policy. Households benefitted handsomely: For a third year in a row, global financial assets grew by double-digits in 2021, reaching EUR 232trn (+10.0%). 2022 marks a turning point. The war in Ukraine choked the recovery post Covid-19 and turned the world upside down. Households’ wealth will feel the pinch. Global financial assets are set to decline by more than 2% in 2022, the first significant destruction of financial wealth since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008.

The interactive “Allianz Global Wealth Map” offers an easy way to navigate the “jungle” of wealth data. With the interactive “Allianz Global Wealth Map”, readers can navigate the “data jungle” by themselves. Simply click on a country and retrieve data, from total financial assets to liabilities per capita. The data will be represented in two different ways: either as development over time or as regional comparison for the latest year. And for the quick reader, there are the five most frequently asked questions about the wealth situation of households at the top of the map.

All figures in Euro are converted on the basis of the 2021 exchange rate.