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Outperform, Transform, Rebalance

Our Strategy

Our internal purpose is: We secure your future

Since 1890, all around the globe, we at Allianz have been working hard to secure people’s lives and to give courage to our customers for what’s ahead.  

We are actuaries, advisors and service agents; engineers, lawyers and technology experts; we are daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, accountants, investors and entrepreneurs – and together we are shaping our industry. 

Because we know how important it is to have a fair partner at your side who provides solid and sustainable solutions, we strive to do it right – with passion, every day.

Strategic objectives: Outperform / Transfom / Rebalance

Outperform our competitors, both old and new

We operate in a competitive market. Our customers compare our performance to the best alternatives available to them. Our investors want to know how much value we provide compared with other investments.  

We at Allianz can no longer assess our performance in relation to internal plans or market averages. We want to beat the best.

We are establishing a system of planning, investment and incentives that is aimed at making us the best in the respective market – in terms of growth and profitability as well as customer and employee satisfaction. We will be able to stand up to both traditional competitors and new ones, such as insurtech and fintech companies.

Transform our organization to become simple, digital, and scalable

We have a clear view of what we want Allianz to look like in the future: simple, digital and scalable.

Simple: Our overarching principle is to focus on what really matters and to keep it simple. We are reducing the number and complexity of our products and processes, and streamline our organization. The Allianz Customer Model is the driver of this transformation.

Digital: Digital will be the nature of our organization, both at the front and back end. Digital for us means new business models, harmonized assets, automation and state-of-the-art data analytics. It means enabling our people and freeing up their time for innovation and customer service.

Scalable: Scale will set us apart from other financial companies. Scale is not the same as size. Scale means reaping benefits from our size; being more than the sum of our parts. This means sharing knowledge, best practice and technological assets across the group.

We are achieving simplicity through dual transformation: we are engaged in transforming everyday business, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time, we are also building new businesses, like Allianz Direct, our cross-border online insurer, expanding our services and moving into new partnerships and ecosystems.

Rebalance our portfolio towards growth markets and new risk pools

We have a clear view of where we want to grow, both geographically and in terms of new business lines. 

Global player: In addition to maintaining a strong foothold in our European core markets, we also seek to position ourselves in the big and fast-growing markets of the future. 

New risk pools: We are offering new products and additional coverage where our customers need them, for example for shared mobility solutions or technology risk. 

Asset management: We want to remain the world’s leading active asset manager, based on our two third-party asset managers, Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO.

Implementation Plan: Renewal Agenda

Renewal Agenda