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How are we doing?

To continuously improve our performance and maintain trust in our company, we share transparent and balanced information about our performance. We also take part in a wide range of external assessment and benchmarking initiatives.
As we strive to be a sustainability leader in our sector, sustainability ratings and industry benchmarks enable us to improve our performance and transparency. We rely on these ratings to support long-term ESG integration in our proprietary investments and responsible products and solutions.


Allianz has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) with top ranking positions since 2000. 

In 2020, we achieved 95th percentile within the insurance industry with a total score of 85 out of 100 points. Allianz was also included in the 2021 Sustainability Yearbook achieving Silver Class.


Note: Total score and percentile stated above are based on results announced on 13 November, 2020.


In 2021, Allianz once again received a rating of AAA (on a scale of AAACCC) in the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment. Allianz is one of the top performers in the insurance sector. 

MSCI ESG Research provides MSCI ESG Ratings on global public and a few private companies on a scale of AAA (leader) to CCC (laggard), according to exposure to industry-specific ESG risks and the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.



Disclaimer Statement

The use by Allianz of any MSCI ESG research LLC or its affiliates (“MSCI”) data, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, do not constitute a sponsorship, endorsement, recommendation, or promotion of Allianz by MSCI. MSCI services and data are the property of MSCI or its information providers, and are provided ‘as-is’ and without warranty. MSCI names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI.



Allianz has once again received Prime status in 2021, which ranks us among the world’s best companies in our industry.

For additional information on ISS ESG Corporating Rating, visit ISS website




Allianz has received the highest rating in the ISS Quality Score for the environment and social pillars in 2021.

For additional information on ISS Quality Score, visit ISS website




Vigeo Eiris ranked Allianz 4th in the insurance sector in 2021 with an overall ESG score of 62 out of 100 points. Allianz has been included in the Eurozone 120 Index.



Included since 2001, Allianz is one of the longstanding members of the FTSE4Good Index series. We were ranked among the top 5 percent of our sector in 2021 and were included in the FTSE4Good Europe 50 Index, among others.

For additional information on FTSE4Good Index Series, visit FTSE4Good website



In 2020, Allianz has achieved the highest rating (A+) in eight out of nine categories  in the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assessment. Allianz is also a member of the PRI 2020 Leaders' Group. The PRI 2020 Leaders' Group showcases PRI signatories that demonstrate breadth of responsible investment excellence, and that excel specifically in this year's theme: climate reporting. 

PRI 2020 Leader's Group


Allianz Group is a founding member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and we continue to support it as a responding company and as an asset owner and asset manager. 

In 2020, we achieved "A-" rating which corresponds to CDP's leadership level.



Allianz has achieved leadership status. 

It was ranked in second position at a subindustry level (diversified insurance services) in Sustainalytics 2021 assessment with a 14.8 ESG Risk Rating score.


We are committed to providing a fair and inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed regardless of gender, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background. Our progress in having women and people of different nationalities, generations and cultural backgrounds in senior roles is a clear display of having challenged the status quo.


For the fifth year running, Allianz is included in the list of 325 companies from 42 counties and regions across 50 industry sectors for 2020. 




The Diversity and Inclusion Index recognizes the companies that are leading the way in embedding diversity and inclusion into their business strategy and practices. 

Allianz has been included in Refinitiv's diversity and inclusion top 100 most diverse and inclusive companies with a rank 7 in 2020.





Universum's 2020 Communication Report on the world's most attractive employers ranks Allianz number 1 within the insurance industry and sees Allianz amongst the "Top 10 Risers".



Committed to transparency

We base our sustainability reporting and approach on voluntary international standards and best practice guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. Our annual Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive overview of our commitments and progress for our material sustainability issues, as informed by our business and our stakeholders.

Sustainability Report 2020

Our Sustainability Report 2020 covering the reporting period from 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 was published on 29 April 2021.

In compliance with the EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups (2014/95/EU), we also published relevant non-financial information within the Governance section of the Group Annual Report 2020.

Combined Separate Non-Financial Report 2020

The Non-Financial Report 2020, covering the reporting period from 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2020, is part of the Group Annual Report 2020, which was published on 05 March 2021.

Data and assurance

To enhance the quality and reliability of our reporting, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (PwC) has conducted limited assurance reviews of our sustainability reports, processes and data since the 2016 reporting year. PwC regularly undertakes on-site reviews of a sample of operating entities of Allianz SE, selected based on their impact on the Group’s sustainability activities.