Building confidence in tomorrow

We are shaping change for what's ahead by working with others to find solutions for a sustainable future.

With over 100 million customers, we’re one of the largest financial services providers in the world. Our purpose, ‘We secure your future’, expresses why we exist. It underscores the impact Allianz has on society by taking uncertainty out of the equation and driving change in the right direction.

Our purpose – ‘We secure your future’ – informs all our decisions every day and shapes our approach to sustainability. We create positive social and environmental impact through the way we run our organization and by using our insurance, investment, and asset management expertise. With our competence, expertise and global footprint, we have the ambition to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in the financial services industry and beyond. And we know that we cannot do it alone.

Ultimately, we believe that sustainability and inclusivity are the best way to realize our potential for growth and value creation. And at the same time, contribute to a more sustainable future for the world and the societies in which we live and work.

"After 131 years in business, we never tire of working with others to find solutions to complex sustainability problems – and we will remain unsatisfied until we have found effective, institutionalized long-term solutions that make the world a better place."
By the very nature of what we do – protecting people, assets and businesses against risk – we make a positive contribution to society. Our ambition is to move from being a responsible company in our own right to be a leading force in the financial services industry and beyond. To achieve it, we focus on three high-impact areas.

Anticipating the risks of a changing climate, protecting vulnerable people and targeting investments and engagement to drive a low carbon future.

Aiming to be the most trusted partner for protecting and growing our stakeholders' assets.

Leading in our industry or how we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our insurance, investments, and asset management. 
We're committed to being transparent so that our customers and stakeholders can trust our company and our investors to be confident about how we manage their money. Full details of our commitments and performance are set out in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in our business operations by 2030, and in our proprietary investment portfolio by 2050.

renewable electricity
of own operations

sustainable investments
(proprietary investments) 

We believe in the power of collaboration and view long-term partnerships as instrumental to delivering positive change. Allianz’s businesses are signatory and member to a wide range of global sustainability initiatives and principles such as the below.
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