Sustainability Report
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The very nature of what we do at Allianz contributes to creating secure and sustainable economies and societies – pooling, managing risks and investing to help protect and grow lives, assets and businesses. 

We create positive social and environmental impact through the way we run our organization and use our insurance, investment, and asset management expertise.

Allianz began publishing a Sustainability Report in 2001. Over these decades, we’ve witnessed real progress. We also see the impact of major disruptions, from climate change to social and economic polarization. Most of all we see the need for increased urgency to help reverse the course of a warming planet and to contribute to building and protecting sustainable, free and open societies.  Every day and every year, together with our partners, we learn a little more about how to shape our world for the better. This report brings together our ambition, strategy, commitments, and contributions to shape a more sustainable future.

Our ambition is to use our competence, expertise and global footprint to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in the financial services industry and beyond. But we know that we cannot do it alone. We believe the best way to secure a better, more sustainable future is through partnerships. As one of the largest financial institutions in the world, we aspire to be a trusted partner. Your trusted partner.

We hope this report inspires you to join us in these efforts. Please enjoy reading this Allianz Sustainability Report. We are in this together. 

The Sustainability Report (short version) is available in multiple languages. Download your preferred version below.
Please be aware that, in accordance with local regulation, our subsidiaries are not necessarily required to produce and publish a Sustainability Report.
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