Sustainability Report
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This year we publish the 23rd edition of our Group Annual Sustainability Report, but our sustainability story has begun much earlier. Allianz was founded 134 years ago to manage risk for customers, employees and society, ultimately reinforcing their resilience. The work detailed in the following page strengthens our ambition to use our competence, expertise and global footprint to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in the financial services industry and beyond. But we know that we cannot do it alone. We believe the best way to secure a better, more sustainable future is through partnerships. As one of the largest financial institutions in the world, we aspire to be a trusted partner. Your trusted partner. Please enjoy reading this short version of Allianz's Sustainability Reporting. We are in this together. Today more than ever before.
Allianz has two main sustainability reporting products: the Non-Financial Statement (NFS), which is part of the Group Annual Report, and the Sustainability Report. Additional reporting products include the People Factbook, Allianz Group Tax Strategy, Analyst Presentation, the shortened version of sustainability reporting, and our Explanatory No­tes, which sets out our methodology.
Please be aware that, in accordance with local regulation, our subsidiaries are not necessarily required to produce and publish a Sustainability Report.
If you have any questions or suggestions about our reporting, we look forward to hearing from you at [email protected].