Allianz presents: The Squared Ball

For women, talent and motivation alone are rarely enough to guarantee a financially secure footing in professional football. In the top European football leagues, more than one in ten women are not paid a salary at all. For female players, trapped between their high-performance sport and the difficulties of financial insecurity, it’s like playing the game with a squared ball. 

Allianz is shining a light on the challenges faced by female footballers and helping talented young players achieve their goals with confidence and financial know-how.

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Watch them in action

One of the best things you can do to support women in football is exactly that: support the teams! 

Watch the world's greatest women footballers live at the game's most prestigious tournament.

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Hear their own words

Hear about the barriers female players face from the women themselves. FCB players share the biggest obstacles they faced to become professional football players. 

And check out UEFA and WePlayStrong’s podcast to learn more stories from some of women football’s biggest names.

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Dive into the issue 

We’re not the only ones talking about this issue.

Hear what the leading resource FIFPRO has to say and dive deeper into the topic: 

What do you think? Were you surprised to discover how squared the ball is for female footballers? Do you have a Squared Ball you had to overcome? Add your voice to the conversation today using #TheSquaredBall

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The Squared Ball by Allianz is a tangible representation of the many challenges and hardships faced by women in professional football. With this campaign, Allianz seeks to draw attention to the financial challenges and associated uncertainties faced by women in football. 

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