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DIWA - More safety for drivers

The accident researchers of the Allianz Center for Technology (Allianz Zentrum für Technik Automotive GmbH, AZT) analyzed 2500 Allianz claim files for the DIWA research project. The results were cited in support of the study conducted by the Technical University of Munich. Accordingly, about 14 percent of all traffic accidents on Germany's roads could be prevented or at least the severity of those accidents could be diminished.

Numerous traffic accidents can be attributed exclusively to carelessness and/or misjudgments on the part of drivers. Such accidents can be reduced by providing drivers with precise information and warnings about local dangers.

And that precisely is the purpose of the driver information system DIWA, which is being developed and tested jointly by BMW and a consortium of project partners, as well as AZT. Using the digital enhancement of traditional traffic radio known as DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), it is now possible to warn drivers early on of significant dangers in their immediate paths.

DIWA: Reduce accidents by providing drivers with information and warnings about local dangers

Dr. Joerg Kubitzki, AZT's accident researcher, summed it up as follows: "Our study revealed that DIWA can reduce accidents caused by driving up quickly against the back of a traffic jam, as well as weather-related accidents on country roads. In the interest of drivers and for the sake of safety, DIWA should be introduced everywhere.

"Using GPS, DIWA also determines the exact position of the so-called mobile warning signs of slow-moving road maintenance crews on the federal autobahn system. That is important, because slow-moving road maintenance crews have posed a significant accident potential in the past. Along with the warning, the system displays additional information, such as the distance and anticipated duration of the event, as well as the urgency of the warning. The system also features an acoustic warning signal for the driver.

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