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8th Allianz Motor Day: The cyber risk of virtual car keys

Connected cars need to offer adequate protection from potential cyber risks, but at the same time they have to permit discrimination-free access to the vehicle’s data so that third parties can perform servicing. Just how complex that can turn out to be in practice was discussed by the experts at the 8th Allianz Motor Day on September 22, 2020, focusing on the example of the “virtual car key.” 

Robo2018, the FIFA World Cup oracle
Keeping Pace

Other than unclogging traffic in megacities, can autonomous vehicles end road deaths? Jon Dye, the head of motor insurance at Allianz UK, believes it’s a potential solution but some basics need to be covered first... 

Robo2018, the FIFA World Cup oracle
Robo2018, the World Cup oracle

How a senior data scientist from Allianz’s corporate insurance arm is using machine learning to predict the outcomes of the football games...

Allianz customer report 2018: Simple Twist of Fate
Simple Twist of Fate

Insurers as well as those who buy insurance know one thing – things don’t always go as you expect them to. Worse still, the causes of big changes can sometimes be really small. Here are seven major changes that happened to the world, all because of small, insignificant causes...

Cognitive computing: The human touch
The Human Touch

Embracing the technological future at Allianz means far more than just a Digital Factory. Two experts discuss cognitive computing and what this means for the insurer...

Modern IT architecture has to be anti-fragile
Modern IT architecture has to be anti-fragile

Digitalization provides a lot of new opportunities. Unfortunately, the danger of the IT systems being attacked by hackers also increases with it. Ralf Schneider, Group CIO of Allianz, sees protecting these systems with robust defense mechanisms as one of his most important challenges. In a recent interview to German magazine Digitale Welt, he discusses the cyber threat landscape that global corporations face and the foundation for a solid cybersecurity strategy…

A Digital Future
A Digital Future

Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, bots, Big Data – digitalization has given the world a number of buzzwords. But what does digitalization really mean for a global company like Allianz and its customers? In an interview with Digitale Welt in June, Allianz Chief Operating Officer Christof Mascher dives deeper into the topic.

Bits on Bytes
Bits on Bytes

From blockchain to Global Digital Factory, there's much happening around Allianz in term of digitalization. Our efforts are also making news. Here's a quick roundup at some of the recent media coverage the topic has received...

Allianz global digital factory
An Allianz Lab, just like Google's

With “Ask Anything” sessions and soapboxes, Allianz's Global Digital factory is the place where a 127-year-old insurance company becomes a garage business...