Disability at Allianz

Individual talent counts at Allianz

Our global headquarters in Munich offers multiple positions for skilled individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

We are convinced that a diverse workforce is one of our company’s assets; everybody has special abilities and skills, so we proactively recruit talented employees with disabilities.

We know that every impairment is different, so our workplace is tailored to each employees individual needs, including flexible working hours, special equipment or personal mentorship as an example.

If you are a student looking for an part time job, a recent graduate interested in an internship or a professional considering a full-time career change, Allianz might have the perfect opportunity for you.

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Disability at Allianz: success stories

Allianz Italy received an award for Diversity and Inclusion for employing people with disabilities to work in positions such as adjusters, sales inspectors, IT program analysts, life insurance specialists, call centre operators over the last eight years.

Allianz Assistance Brazil employs people with visual impairments and has made their workplace environment fully accessible, including IT systems.

Mondial Assistance Italy launched the “MyLight” project, working with the Blind People Association of Milan to recruit and train visually impaired employees. The physical environment at the workplace was changed and easy access pathways were created: even the coffee machine was translated into Braille to make it easy for visually impaired employees to use!

The AllAbility project

In 2014, Allianz lunched the AllAbility initiative, a project run by volunteering employees that aims to

  1. raise awareness on the topic of disability within the company
  2. ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers
  3. promote Allianz internally and externally as an attractive employer for disabled people
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