The Allianz Arena for #PurpleLightUp on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
At Allianz, we always want to focus on what a person can do, not what they cannot do – whether this means nurturing a particular talent or breaking down barriers for people with disabilities. We realize that there is a tremendous pool of talent going untapped. And dealing with challenges in life is part of our intrinsic business purpose!
Allianz has been a partner of the Paralympic Movement since 2006 and, to underline our commitment to disability inclusion, signed up to The Valuable 500 in 2020 with the pledge to set up a global employee network for disability inclusion >Allianz Beyond. This newly established network is supporting us to learn how we can progress further – as an employer as well as for our customers. 

Where do we stand?

In 2021, people with disabilities represented 4.7% of Allianz employees in our entities in Europe – which employs more than 76% of Allianz‘s global headcount.

How do we foster disability inclusion around the Allianz world?

  • Allianz Technology India: “Talking Hands” initiative, teaching employees basic International Sign Language to break down communication barriers 
  • Allianz Italy: Foundation “Umana Mente” (human mind), supporting persons with disabilities
  • Allianz Australia: Accessibility Inclusion Plan, outlining how the company will accomplish accessibility in operations and service delivery
  • Allianz Partners: Job Fair for candidates with disabilities in Egypt; MyLight initiative in cooperation with the Institute of Blind People in Milan, Italy