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People with Disabilities

We are convinced that everybody has special abilities and skills, irrespective of possible disabilities. We know that every impairment is different, so we understand the importance of having our workplaces tailored to each employee’s individual needs, including flexible working hours, special equipment or personal mentorship.

Allianz Beyond aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the topic of disability within the company
  • Find ways to make Allianz workplaces free of barriers
  • Create a safe space for employees to disclose their disability and ask for what they need to perform at their best
  • Promote Allianz externally as an attractive employer for people with disabilities.

Christoph W. from Allianz Germany, Lead of the Global Allianz Beyond Board:

"Allianz Beyond is a global network that cares for disability inclusion. Through Allianz Beyond we want to create a work environment free of barriers – physical, technological or social – where employees with disabilities can succeed.

Focusing on what people can do and engaging allies to the cause, we work to help remove stigmas and taboos through education. We address disability inclusion throughout the value chain, foster accessibility and connection."

Allianz Group joins the Valuable 500 – Our commitment statement:

“We commit to setting up the Allianz employee network for disability inclusion globally. This network will contain local chapters in national entities and a Global Disability Inclusion Board, representing employee voices at Group level. The key focus will be on removing barriers, stigmas and taboos, and to foster an environment where people with disabilities feel they can succeed.

More specifically, the aim is to foster a company culture that attracts and retains talents with disabilities, improve technical accessibility in processes and digital applications as well as physical accessible e.g. in buildings, raise Allianz’s disability confidence at all hierarchy levels, create awareness of disability-inclusive communication, use internal and external good practices or celebrate key dates like International Day of People with Disabilities.

The Global Disability Inclusion Board will have a seat in the Allianz Global Inclusion Council and provide advice on topics related to disability. In recognition of intersectionality, this Board will also engage with the other Allianz employee networks to amplify Allianz’s diverse voices and join efforts towards inclusion overall.”