With approx. more than 160 different nationalities represented around Allianz Group, we have an inspiring multinational and multicultural employee base and many of our colleagues say that they particularly value this working for Allianz. When looking at cultural diversity, we go beyond nationality and also look at ethnicity and racial inclusion.

Our Code of Conduct clearly states that we have zero tolerance for discrimination in any form and we have mechanisms in place to report violations without fear of retribution.

Yet we believe it is important to go beyond “non-discrimination” and be actively inclusive of all cultures and ethnicities, so all our employees can thrive and be successful.
The #BlackLivesMatter movement caused us to look deeper – and challenge ourselves regarding racial inclusion and equity. Board Members ran listening sessions to learn more about the everyday concerns and experiences of our colleagues. One of the outcomes of these sessions was setting up our global employee network for ethnic and cultural inclusion 
Allianz GRACE
 to amplify the voices of the existing local networks and to help us improve our cultural intelligence. 

How we strive for ethnic diversity and racial inclusion across Allianz:

Allianz Life US – Based in Minneapolis the company supported people of color in the employee community and the local communities, quickly and publicly denounced the actions that led to Mr. Floyd’s death and created channels for employees to speak up, listen in and work through the emotions in response to what happened that day. Learning opportunities were made available for the leadership team and all employees on cultural awareness, cultural intelligence, and unconscious bias.

Allianz UK is a proud member of the Race@Work initiative and has signed up to five commitments to promote racial equality.

Allianz Global Investors developed an information campaign to “talk about ethnic diversity in the workplace”.