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Global Race and Cultural Ethnicity (GRACE) network

Our Allianz GRACE employee network provides a platform across the Group to connect and exchange the learning and insights needed to foster a work environment inclusive for all, independent of race, cultural ethnicity or nationality. We cherish the racial and cultural diversity in our global organization, which spans over 70 countries, and are highly aware of the importance of feeling supported, respected and valued to unfold one’s full potential.

The focus of this employee-driven collaboration is:

  • Continuous education and dialog on what it means to work across cultures
  • Fostering an environment that attracts and retains talents from all races
  • Support the company’s positioning against racial inequalities
  • Pro-actively contribute to a fully inclusive workplace, free of all forms of discrimination

Redeat G. from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Lead of the Allianz GRACE Board:

“As a person of color living in Germany, it is rather easy to stand out from a room full of people. The feeling of belonging and inclusivity is very important in all aspects of life. Hence, I have been outspoken about racial equality since my undergrad days.

Sometimes there are biases and stereotypes that one consciously or unconsciously associates with certain groups of people.

With Allianz GRACE, we wanted to create a platform where we are able to tackle racial inequalities within Allianz Group. We will be ensuring a sustained environment of equity and inclusion to disadvantaged communities, as well as celebrate the vast diversity of cultures that exist within this organization.”