Corporate citizenship

In 2022, the world population included more than 2 billion children and 1.2 billion youth. These young people are the leaders, employees, customers and investors of tomorrow. We want to use our scale and expertise as a global investor and insurer to enable next generations and persons with disabilities to thrive. We integrate social considerations into our organization, our business areas, and our corporate citizenship activities.

We support the next generations and persons with disabilities to overcome the economic and social impacts of systematic social risks.

We believe that education and physical activity are key enablers to develop the skills and resilience needed to prepare for decent work and financial security.

Our ambition is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8  “promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.”

We use our experience and partnerships to promote well-being, resilience, and job-readiness for young people and persons with disabilities.  

Programs such as Move Now promote physical health and financial literacy. Our foundations  around the world support programs focused on education and employability.

We support communities where we live and work, especially in times of need. Through disaster relief we leverage our expertise, resources, and assets to align with local priorities.


Allianz has 11 foundations around the world which support next generations programs focused on education and employability. 
The Social Impact Fund supports operating entities and foundations of Allianz all over the world to promote education and training for young people and for persons with disabilities. A specific focus is set on the alignment with the MoveNow program fostering physical and mental health, as well as financial literacy. For implementing these activities, operating entities and foundations of Allianz forge partnerships with local civil society organizations.

Allianz Ghana’s “Bright Futures: Empowering Ghana’s Youth Through Vision Care”

Unemployment in Ghana affects two out of three, particularly young female individuals. On top of a lack of sustainable employment opportunities, youngsters in Ghana are often affected by vision loss, impacting their overall life quality, but also their productivity at work or school. Vision Spring, a pioneering social enterprise with tracked experience in the field, provides free of charge eye care and glasses for young adults, particularly women, attending vocational or training schools. With Vision Camps, in Greater Accra, Eastern, Ashanti and Volta regions of Ghana, they screen the vision of around 5000 students and teachers to provide them with glasses or referrals. Allianz employees support the project as volunteers.

Allianz Malaysia’s MoveNow “Financial  Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship” and “Junior Entrepreneurship Race Camp”

Rural communities in Malaysia face financial illiteracy, putting them at risk of financial instability. To address this issue, the project by Allianz Malayisa and Incredible Hearts PLT offers activities in the rural area of Pulau Tuba to provide children with financial management, and essential workforce skills, which will be supported with gamification and financial literacy modules. Part of the project is the ‘’MoveNow Young Entrepreneur Race Camp’’, a 3-day camp that combines the principles of entrepreneurship with the benefits of sports. Paralympic athletes are invited to give motivational speeches. 

Young people happily in a group with other participants in on of Allianz' MoveNow sports activity

Allianz  Bulgaria’s “MoveNow Summer Camp”

The project, organized in collaboration between Allianz Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Red Cross, seeks to organize a summer camp for children from different backgrounds with special education needs, to help them with self-confidence and career development. The project includes career lectures, mock interviews, psychology support, and workouts, plus motivational talks from Allianz employees and athletes. 

Allianz supports communities where we live and work, especially in times of need. We leverage our expertise, resources and assets to align with local priorities. Our projects aim to improve socio-economic conditions for the next generations in the local environment. Key U.N. agencies (UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP), the Red Cross Society, International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, World Central Kitchen, amongst others, benefited from donations.
Our expertise can help efforts in countries to avert, minimize and address climate and disaster risks. Insurance solutions can reduce humanitarian impacts, helping poor and vulnerable people recover more quickly, increasing local adaptive capacity and strengthening local resilience following climate and disaster-related events. Through international partnerships on resilience and adaptation we contribute to closing the protection gap.
Allianz is a member of the InsuResilience Global Partnership. The multi-stakeholder initiative strengthens the resilience of developing countries and protects the lives and livelihoods of  poor and vulnerable people against the impacts of disasters.
In the context of a Tripartite Agreement between BMZ, the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) and the Insurance Development Forum (IDF), Allianz and Swiss Re are co-leading a project to develop a flood risk insurance solution for Ghana with support by the local UNDP office and other public sector stakeholders such as the Ministry of Finance of Ghana. The project objective is to develop a parametric flood cover to provide financing for government’s emergency response and reconstruction efforts in severe flood cases to re-establish economic activity of low-income communities in the Greater Accra Region.
The Allianz Corporate Citizenship Strategy provides a framework for all corporate citizenship activities worldwide and is implemented through global and local initiatives.

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