New Allianz Riviera stadium opens in Nice

Allianz proudly opened the newest arena in Nice, France. The Allianz Riviera joins the flagship stadium, Allianz Arena (Munich) and its international counterparts Allianz Stadium (Sydney, multi-purpose), Allianz Park (London, Rugby) and Allianz Parque (São Paolo, under construction).


“Allianz France is very proud to associate its name with the birth of a next generation stadium,” says Jacques Richier, CEO of Allianz France.  “The Allianz Riviera is a further symbol of the company’s commitment to the world of sports, cultural events and sustainable development. It is also a means for our company to share the values and intensity of group events held with its clients, its partners, its distribution networks and, more generally, with the general public.”  The Allianz Riviera is equipped with a 45,000-seat capacity in concert layout and will host several matches in the Euro 2016 championships. The stadium offers an extensive and varied program with sporting and cultural events, concerts and shows and will be home to the national sports museum. It also serves as a hospitality venue for Allianz France networks.

The stadium "Allianz Riviera" in Nice

The stadium "Allianz Riviera" in Nice

Allianz has a strong commitment to the promotion of sports worldwide. “Sport is an international language that brings together people from different backgrounds and thereby creates a sense of global community, based on the same likes and interests. To be the naming rights partner of a sports stadium also has a significant emotional component - as an abstract brand, Allianz as a stadium is quickly becoming an expressive symbol, with which our employees and partners can identify and of  which they can be proud of,” says Christian Deuringer, Global Head of Brand Management of Allianz SE

When asked why Allianz partnered with the "Allianz Riviera", Deuringer responds: "Allianz France changed its name to Allianz in 2009. Since then, the brand in France has steadily gained importance. But we were also looking for a strong local landmark, to connect the French public with our brand. This is why we are very excited about the tremendous opportunity to strengthen our brand with the Allianz Riviera. “

Eco-aware and sustainable stadium

As a global player in sustainable development, Allianz France has teamed up with an original and ecoaware architectural project. Techniques and materials meet Haute Qualité Environnementale (HQE) performance standards; the stadium features a translucent silhouette to allow light to enter along with a wooden structure to reduce the carbon footprint, energy via the ground and a photovoltaic roof to offset energy consumption.

The next member of the Allianz Family of Stadiums, the Allianz Parque, will be opened in São Paulo in 2014.

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