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"Saw some serious flooding from the road way in Slidell, say a shrimp/fishing boat that was half in a tree, half in the water.," Austin Tucker relates in his blog. "I also saw trucks, cars and people floating by them on small fishing boats.  It's a tragic scene really, but you can't help but be awed by the sheer magnitude of it all."

"We are in the middle of hurricane season right now, which lasts approximately from June until November," says Dr. Markus Stowasser from Allianz Reinsurance. "Based on the period 1981-2010, an average season produces 12 named storms with six hurricanes, including three major hurricanes.Whether the storms will hit land cannot be predicted very well – that’s why some seasons see a lot of damage, while others do not."

You can tell by the name of a storm how many tropical storms have already happened in a given season. The name Isaac begins with a letter “I”, that means that nine storms already preceded it this year.

While none of them have been very severe, Hurricane Isaac is one of the strongest, and the path it has taken has caused a lot of damage. Other systems such as the new tropical storm "Kirk" are currently emerging in the Atlantic as well. August and September are usually the peak of the hurricane season.

Preparedness: Use the time before the storm hits

Tropical storms or hurricanes have one advantage over natural catastrophes like earthquakes or flash floods: while they brew over the ocean, people on land usually have a number of days to get prepared for the worst.

What matters most for people in the region is what they do before the storm hits. Allianz supports both private individuals and businesses in the region, and it offers them important tips on what to do in advance. Clients are contacted via app or mobile messages, the telephone or information campaigns.

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Dr. Markus Stowasser, Senior Research Analyst at Allianz Re
Dr. Markus Stowasser, Senior Research Analyst at Allianz Re
Photo taken by Austin Tucker shows sky over New Orleans after Isaac

Photo taken by Austin Tucker skyline over downtown New Orleans as Isaac passes. 

Lessons learned

The largest hurricane losses in history were registered in 2005, when Katrina, Rita and Wilma hit the United States. Looking back, Allianz has learned a lot from those events, as the article "Hurricanes: 5 years after Katrina" from 2010 explains.

Over the years, Allianz has accumulated significant expertise in all manner of wind storms, especially hurricanes. They are the most powerful regularly recurring natural disaster on earth, and they cause major property damage every year. As property values increase, so will economic losses from hurricanes.

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