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Allianz Global Wealth Report 2023:
The party is over

2022 was a turning point, both politically and economically. Whether it also marked a turning point for financial assets will certainly only become clear in retrospect. 
2022 was a turning point
The interest-rate turnaround 
Convergence reloaded
annus horribilis
All eyes on fiscal in the Eurozone

A toxic policy mix in 2024? The Eurozone is heading into a challenging 2024 with both fiscal and monetary policy turning restrictive as real rates turn more limiting and governments tighten their belts.


Germany needs more than a plan

Germany is the only major economy that looks set to contract in 2023, with headwinds such as slowing demand for its exports , lopsided global growth in services over goods, the industry slowdown in the US and China and an inventory correction.


Sector Atlas: Assessing non-payment risk across global sectors

Global GDP growth is projected to decelerate to +2.5% in 2023, as low as in 2019. Advanced economies will likely dodge a full recession but will experience low growth in 2023 and 2024.