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Allianz Global Wealth Report 2023:
The next chapter

2022 was a turning point, both politically and economically. Whether it also marked a turning point for financial assets will certainly only become clear in retrospect. 
What to watch I February 16, 2024

Indonesia’s economy after the elections, a tale of two consumers in the US and UK and Türkiye’s economic rebalancing

European labor markets: Migration matters
  • Until 2050, the working age population in the EU-27 will shrink by 20%. Italy, Spain and Germany will be hit even harder by demographic change. Against this background we took a closer look at what it could take to cushion the effect of demographic change on the labor markets in the four largest economies Germany, France, Italy and Spain, running scenarios with different combinations of labor force participation, productivity and migration.
What to watch I February 08, 2024

EM currencies at risk in 2024, inventories weighing on growth, the costs of concentration risks and the EU’s new climate target