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Allianz Global Wealth Report 2023:
The next chapter

2022 was a turning point, both politically and economically. Whether it also marked a turning point for financial assets will certainly only become clear in retrospect. 
Allianz Global Insurance Report 2024

The global insurance industry grew by an estimated +7.5% in 2023, clocking the fastest growth since 2006, the year before the Global Financial Crisis. In all, insurers worldwide collected EUR6.2trn in life (EUR2,620bn), p&c (EUR2,154bn) and health (EUR1,427bn) insurance premiums.

What to watch I May 16, 2024

US-China tariffs dilemma for Europe, one culprit for sticky US inflation and Central European central banks take a break

Allianz Trade Survey 2024

After the trade recession, exporters are more optimistic in 2024 but also more concerned with (and also more used to?) geopolitical risks shortages of inputs and labor and financing and non-payment risks.