Allianz has a large and very active LGBTQ+ community and we are proud to celebrate this community by supporting many different activities throughout the year, including lighting up the Allianz Arena in rainbow colors every year during Pride Month. It is important to us to show that we are an LGBTQ+ inclusive company where everybody can bring their whole selves to work.

Since 2018, the global employee network  > Allianz Pride has grown from 3 to currently more than 22 local chapters around the world.

Allianz is signatory of the UN Free & Equal LGBTI Standards of Conduct.

We are proud of our Allianz employees and entities that have been recognized externally:

Allianz Life (US) – Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality

Allianz Switzerland – Swiss LGBTI Label

Allianz Australia – Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Award (bronze)

Allianz Technology and Allianz Services (India) – LGBTQIA+ Campaign of the year 2021 by Transformance Forums

Allianz Germany – #1 in the Uhlaha Pride Index

Allianz Partners (Mexico) – Best places to work for LGBT+ equality 2021 by Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Philipp Räther, Allianz Group Privacy Officer – PROUT EXECUTIVES by PROUT AT WORK

Marie-Helene Tyack, Chair of the  Global Allianz Pride Board – “Role Model LGBT+ Leader” by l’Autre Cercle

Some initiatives for LGBTQ+ inclusion from around the Allianz world:

Allianz Switzerland symbolically married 100 couple at Pride Parade chapel to show support for LGBTQ+ rights

Allianz UK has trained mental health first aiders specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and has provided transition support for transgender employees

Allianz Australia grants paid gender-affirmation leave