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Allianz arena with lgbt colors

 Allianz participates in annual pride parades in cities like Munich, London, Zurich and Minneapolis. On the day of the parade in Munich, we proudly lit the Allianz Arena, one of the most prominent buildings in the city, in the rainbow colors.


Allianz Pride – Being LGBT+ at Allianz

With our Allianz Pride employee network, we encourage a corporate culture that values the diversity of all our employees, independent of their gender and sexual orientation, makes the most of their talents and creates a working environment free from discrimination. Knowing we can bring our whole selves to work, means we can put all our energy and creativity into our jobs – not having to hide a part of yourself – and contribute jointly towards the success of the Allianz business strategy.

The network aims to:

  • Provide a platform for LGBT+ and their supporters within Allianz
  • Raise awareness about the subject of LGBT+ and promote mutual respect
  • Establish a network of experts for all LGBT+ issues within the Allianz Group
  • Position Allianz as an employer of choice for LGBT+ applicants.


Allianz Group has pledged support for the UN ”Free & Equal“ LGBTI Standards of Conduct

Our commitment to the LGBTI Standards of Conduct is one of a series of actions we are taking in support of an inclusive environment for our customers, employees and communities. 

Our Allianz Pride community is excited to support the leadership position our company has taken to fight discrimination and promote inclusion.  We know from experience that our business is stronger when all of us can bring our whole selves to work every day.