Allianz MoveNow Camp – Global Edition

In its role as a Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Partner, Allianz is dedicated to promoting physical activity among young individuals around the globe. Through team sports, the aim is to cultivate essential physical, mental, and social skills that will equip the next generation for the future. 

That’s why Allianz and FC Bayern München teamed up to host the first MoveNow Camp – Global Edition from August 31 - September 4, 2023. 

The participating adolescents were chosen through Allianz-hosted sports camps or events in their home countries. 30 talented young athletes traveled from 10 countries to our international sports camp in Munich, Germany, where they took part in professional athletic training in various disciplines (including mindfulness and teamwork).

To not just move their body but also their mind and soul, additional yoga and dance sessions have been offered. Highlight of every activity was the personal exchange and meet & greet with professional athletes and coaches.

Participants practise yoga sitting on their mats
With guidance from a professional yoga instructor, the participants practiced their yoga skills, learned about connecting with their breath to their movements and engaged in reflective journaling sessions.
Group image of all participants of the basketball camp, with Demond Green, former FC Bayern Basketball pro-athlete
After a session with professional coaches, the participants enjoyed a Q&A with Demond Green, former FC Bayern Basketball pro-athlete. Demond shared his lessons on how to achieve one’s goals and come back stronger after set-backs.
Wheelchair basketball participant playing the ball with Bernie, the Bayern mascot
The wheelchair basketball session, led by Paralympic gold medalist Gesche Schünemann, was a unique opportunity to learn from an elite athlete and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of Para sports.
Flag football game situation: A participant skilfully tries to grab the carrier's flag off his belt
In the game of flag football, strategy and athleticism come together in a version of American football that does not involve physical tackling. The kids, guided by German national player Zoe Song, learned how to skilfully grab each other's flags (instead of tackling) and throw the football just like a quarterback.
Two participating boys playing football
Former FC Bayern München player and youth coach Klaus Augenthaler showed the kids what it means to be a professional footballer. Welcoming the participants to the famous training grounds of FC Bayern München at Säbener Straße, the young athletes had the chance to learn unforgettable tips and tricks from a Bayern legend.
Three participating boys together with Champions League winner and former captain Stefan Effenberg of FC Bayern München
Walking through the home ground of FC Bayern and visiting the cabin, the kids got a glimpse behind the scenes of Allianz Arena. As a special highlight, Champions League winner and former team captain Stefan Effenberg joined the group to watch the away-match against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Allianz skybox.
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Two participants sitting on the football pitch, holding a football, laughing happily into the camera
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