Risk has many guises ...

... but interest rates are foremost in institutional investors' minds 

Clinical depression costs economy up to 22 billion euros each year

Depression is not just a major cause of disability and early retirement – it costs some 9.3 billion euros because of lower productivity by depressed employees on the job. Researcher Florian Holsboer foresees individualized therapy for each case in the future.

Outlook for German economy still upbeat

2.9 percent growth expected in 2011 / Domestic demand set to pick up further / Deficit below 2 percent

The price of our long lives

Forecast: In the future nearly 30 percent of annual economic output will be spent on pension, health and care costs / Germany in 2050: 40 percent of the population will be over 60 / Aging will affect industrialized and emerging countries alike / Sustainable social systems and economic growth are essential

Economic growth drives natural catastrophe claims

Insured claims from natural catastrophes are increasing dramatically / Asian economic growth and climate change impact introduces new challenges / In the past decade, smaller earthquakes often caused higher fatalities / Preparedness and prevention extremely important

Eurozone sovereign debt manageable

With ongoing consolidation and moderate growth Greek government debt ratio will fall from 150 percent in 2011 to 115 percent in 2020 / Debt ratio in Spain, Portugal and Ireland also on clear downward path / Institutional reforms should be implemented swiftly

Aquarius with the fewest claims, Taurus lives more dangerously

Horoscopes are especially popular at the beginning of the year. Which sign is predicted to enjoy the most success in 2011? Hobby astrologers are united by the belief that faith alone can sometimes move mountains. Allianz would like to take this as an opportunity to investigate the claims frequency of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

You're not alone - many boomers feeling "overwhelmed"

Allianz Life study identifies financial personalities as baby boomers enter retirement

Americans prefer financial advisors over personal trainers

More Americans would rather connect with their nearest financial professional than sign up for a personal trainer and gym membership, according to a recent survey from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life).