Allianz confirmed in FTSE4Good Index

Companies included in the FTSE4Good Index are evaluated in five areas:

  • Working towards environmental sustainability
  • Upholding and supporting universal human rights
  • Ensuring good supply chain labor standards
  • Countering bribery
  • Good practices in corporate governance

As institutional investors around the world put increasing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices of the companies they invest in, ESG risk measures are an increasingly important part of the investment process. The FTSE4Good Index is designed to measure the performance of companies that meet or exceed globally recognised standards. Sustainability ratings and indices, such as FTSE4Good, aim to facilitate investment in those companies.

Allianz is rated by a number of sustainability-focused agencies and maintains excellent rankings, examples include:

oekom: Allianz has been once again awarded the "Prime" status by oekom research in its corporate rating and improved its overall rating from C+ to B-. The "Prime" status recognizes that Allianz is ranked amongst the best companies within the industry and fulfils the sector-specific minimum requirements defined by oekom (best in class). The rating assesses the social and environmental performance of a company over 100 sector-specific criteria. This year, the eco-efficiency rating saw significant improvement, along with improvements in equal opportunities, and specifically gender distribution, contributing to the strong overall performance.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index: Allianz ranks second in the industry and is the leader in human capital development, risk detection and access to insurance. In both 2010 and 2011 Allianz achieved the same score as the Insurance Super Sector Leader.

Carbon Disclosure Project: Allianz leads the financial industry in Germany and ranks second in Europe. Internationally, Allianz is included in the global Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, ranking among the top 10% of companies globally.

These external appraisals send out important messages to the public in general – and the financial community in particular – about what Allianz is doing with regards to environmental, social and governance considerations in the business.

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