The history of the Allianz share

In this video, Allianz historian Gerd Modert traces the history of the Allianz share from 1890, when it was first issued, to today, where it trades on the dynamic global capital markets.

Martin Lachmann: the fate of an Allianzer you should know

Martin Lachmann was dynamic, successful, self-confident, and loyal to the very end. And he was Jewish. He lived and worked for Allianz over many years until his work and life was destroyed in Nazi Germany by anti-Semitism and his fellow citizens. His grandson, Peter Haas, told Allianz his thoughts about his grandfather.

Allianz commemorates its 125th anniversary
Allianz commemorates its 125th anniversary

Dialog on two key questions for the future: demographic development and climate change / Review and outlook: new publications provide food for thought / Projects of Allianz foundations set priorities for 2015 and beyond / Extended Cooperation with European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

A year in a review 2014
A year in review 2014

A crash test with a Christmas tree and two new Allianz stadiums. Click through the photos and discover this year’s highlights from an Allianz perspective.

Year in review 2013
Year in review 2013

A new stadium, exciting cultural and sports events with high-profile stars and important steps towards sustainability. Click through the photos and read about the highlights of the Allianz year 2013. Further important news will be added within the remaining weeks of the year.

Year in review 2012

The Allianz year 2012 in keywords

The euro – 10 years old

The "9-year itch" proved to be a real test for the euro – from the debt crisis to debates about the disintegration of the eurozone. When the bells chime in 2012, the euro banknotes and coins will be celebrating their 10th birthday, although it would appear that virtually nobody is in the mood for a party.

Year in review 2011

The Allianz year 2011 in keywords

105th Anniversary of San Francisco 1906 Earthquake

Seismologists predict a major earthquake, similar in size to the 1906 quake, can hit the San Francisco area at any time. With inflation and exposure added, the total property loss if such an event occurred today could be well over 200 billion US-dollars and the insured loss would range between 30 to 60 billion US-dollars.