Allianz commits over 400 million euros to renewables investments in 2013

In 2013 Allianz Capital Partners (ACP) invested over 400 million euros on behalf of the Allianz insurance companies by acquiring nine wind parks in four European markets, taking the Group’s total commitment in renewables to over 1.75 billion euros. ACP reached this amount recently with the acquisition of the operational 24-megawatt Cottbuser See wind farm in Brandenburg, Germany.

David Jones, Head of Renewable Energy at Allianz Capital Partners: “We are pleased with the progress made during 2013 in a European wind market which is becoming increasingly more competitive for investment and the renewable energy sector will remain one of the preferred alternative investment asset classes for Allianz in 2014. As for markets, we will continue to seek opportunities in Germany, France and Italy but a further geographic expansion of the portfolio can be expected subject, of course, to being able to secure investments which offer an acceptable risk-return profile for our customers.”

Allianz commited over 400 million euros to investments in renewable energies in 2013

Allianz commited over 400 million euros to investments in renewable energies in 2013

In 2005, Allianz Capital Partners started to invest in renewable energy on behalf of the Allianz insurance companies, as the in-house platform specialized in alternative investments. Meanwhile ACP is managing a portfolio of 43 wind parks and seven solar parks located in France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. Today Allianz is one of the top financial investors in renewable energy projects.

Earlier in 2013, the Group acquired the 76-megawatt Dahme wind farmlocated around 80 kilometers south of Berlin, Germany. In France, Allianz Capital Partners bought five wind farms during the year, totalling 64 megawatts, together with the 30-megawatt Erchie wind farm in Italy. Allianz also committed to fund the construction of the 72-megawatt Maevaara project in Sweden which is due to become operational by the end of 2014. With these acquisitions and entering the Swedish market for the first time, Allianz Capital Partners closed the year 2013 with great success.

Allianz’s renewable energy assets have a total generating capacity exceeding 1,000 megawatts, capable of supplying the annual electricity needs of over half a million European households - comparable to a city the size of Brussels.

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