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Ideas Come Alive

The Global Digital Factory has tasted its first success with pilots in Austria, Spain and Belgium. A look at how customer journeys have changed there...

Where Customer is King

The Global Digital Factory is a collaborative production hub where ideas and attitudes come together to bring the Allianz customer experience into the digital age, and beyond

AI to Define a New Age of Customer-Centricity

“Who takes over the liability of an AI driven car when there’s an accident?”

Ideas Come Alive
Where Customer is King
AI to Define a New Age of Customer-Centricity

What's trending?

NEWS | Bits on Bytes

Digitalization@Allianz: Everything at a glance

From blockchain to Global Digital Factory, there's much happening around Allianz in terms of digitalization. Our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. A summary of some of the recent media coverage we have received

NEWS | Master key

Allianz ties up with leading companies for joint online platform

German and European companies cooperate to establish a joint, pan-industry platform for online registration, e-identity and data services. The aim is to make online registration simpler and more secure for clients

NEWS | Blockchain B3i

Blockchain initiative B3i gains truly international scope

Since its launch in October 2016, the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative B3i has gained broad attention. In the meantime, 10 more insurers and reinsurers have joined, giving the initiative a truly global scope

Allianz is transforming

Find out how Allianz cares about its customers in the age of the internet of things.

Competition, Coexistence or Collaboration?

Allianz - Competition, Coexistence or Collaboration?

“We want to be the partner of life for our customers" - Christof Mascher, COO

Customer journeys, new business models, start-ups

Allianz - Customer journeys, start-ups and new business models

Solmaz Altın is the first Chief Digital Officer of Allianz SE

Allianz X announces spin-off of platform abracar

Allianz - Abracar: A company of Allianz

Allianz X, the company builder of Allianz Group, announces the spin-off of abracar

Global Digital Factory - We build engaging customer experiences

Allianz X 

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