Which country is the best in class for SMEs?

Our 2019 SMЕ Business Climate Index (SMEB) assesses the business еnvirоnmеnt for SMEs in 13 selected economies.

Construction – Forever blowing bubbles

Global housing prices have hit an all-time high, on aggregate 58% above post 2008 crisis. This raises questions as to the risk related to bubbles in the housing sector.

Europe’s low interest rates have an impact – but not the way you think

The prevailing debate about zero and negative interest rates is increasingly focused on long-term negative effects: inequality, poverty in old age, zombie companies and financial market bubbles.

A 2020 semiconductor slump will send shockwaves across the electronics industry

In 2019, the semiconductor industry will post its deepest decline in annual sales (-15%) since the dot com bubble, wiping off over USD70bn in revenue. 

We have a deal: So what?

A Brexit deal with Europe, but limited time for ratification could require a (short) technical extension. On 17 October, the European Commission and the UK government managed to agree on changes to the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration ahead of the EU Summit.

U.S.-China mini-deal: trade policy volatility is here to stay

The so-called “mini-deal” between the U.S. and China is not a game-changer for the global economy. The U.S. average tariff could reach around 8.5% by year-end (taking into account a 10% tariff on EU car imports and the 15 December round of tariffs on Chinese goods).

French, German and Italians are ready to embrace change

First edition of the “Allianz Pulse” published, a survey to check the mood in France, Germany and Italy.

Turkey: U.S. sanctions hit a vulnerable economy

After recent Turkish military intervention in North Syria, the U.S. administration retaliated through a tariff of 50% on Turkish steel.

The U.S. money market has the shakes

After several episodes of stress observed in the U.S. money market, the Fed decided to inject liquidity into the banking system and restart Treasury Security purchases.