Global outlook for private debt & private equity: private(r) for longer?

High inflation and escalating interest rates have tempered enthusiasm in private markets. These factors induced investor caution and lowered return expectations last year, breaking a decade-long asset class growth.

What to watch I April 18, 2024

Markets and the Talion law, expectations for the Indian elections, and the depreciation of the renminbi still ‘under control’

Latin America: Shall we dance?

This time was different: Latin America’s post-pandemic paso doble with inflation and the exchange rate. Reactive monetary policies, supportive commodity prices and increased investor confidence have helped keep inflation and exchange rate volatility relatively in check.

The best is yet to come

Despite the crises, private households in the nine Eurozone countries we analyze have managed to almost double their total financial assets over the last two decades.

What to watch I April 11, 2024

The ECB in a pickle, China v. Germany – from complementarity to substitution, and UK trade tricks to reduce Brexit inflation

What to watch I April 05, 2024

Quarterly country and sector risk updates, transatlantic equity markets super trends and sticky services inflation v. the ECB

The cost of pay me later

Corporate financing constraints hit a record high in 2023, mainly driven by the largest jump in payment terms since 2008. Global Working Capital Requirements (WCR) increased for the third consecutive year.


Special effects for growth, inflation is acting up. We expect sluggish economic momentum ahead, with global GDP growing by less than +3% between 2024-25. 

What to watch I March 22, 2024

Chocoflation, third time’s the charm for the EU CMU, no such thing as a free gun and India taps new trade opportunities