What to watch I May 24, 2024

US commercial real estate and the Fed, oil price roller coaster and corporate optimism returns after Q1 earnings 

Allianz Global Insurance Report 2024

The global insurance industry grew by an estimated +7.5% in 2023, clocking the fastest growth since 2006, the year before the Global Financial Crisis. In all, insurers worldwide collected EUR6.2trn in life (EUR2,620bn), p&c (EUR2,154bn) and health (EUR1,427bn) insurance premiums.

What to watch I May 16, 2024

US-China tariffs dilemma for Europe, one culprit for sticky US inflation and Central European central banks take a break

Allianz Trade Survey 2024

After the trade recession, exporters are more optimistic in 2024 but also more concerned with (and also more used to?) geopolitical risks shortages of inputs and labor and financing and non-payment risks.

What to watch I May 03, 2024

Higher rates by a fiscal thread, good Eurozone news before the Eurovision, and delayed normalization for cross-asset correlations 

Ashes to ashes, carbon to soil

A cost-benefit analysis of abatement measures to increase soil carbon-sequestration capacity.

What to watch I April 26, 2024

Higher for longer reloaded in the US, EM financial markets feeling the pinch and the link between inflation and elections

Global outlook for private debt & private equity: private(r) for longer?

High inflation and escalating interest rates have tempered enthusiasm in private markets. These factors induced investor caution and lowered return expectations last year, breaking a decade-long asset class growth.

What to watch I April 18, 2024

Markets and the Talion law, expectations for the Indian elections, and the depreciation of the renminbi still ‘under control’