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Allianz Engage - Our employee network for age inclusion

Our efforts for age inclusion are strongly supported by Allianz Engage, our employee network for age inclusion with ten local networks in place. Through Allianz Engage, our employees are invited to pro-actively contribute to a company culture where the knowledge of all generations is called upon and people can continue to thrive throughout the different stages of their lives.

Allianz Engage focuses on supporting our culture of life-long learning, supporting knowledge-transfer between generations, opening a dialogue on what it means to manage and work in age-diverse teams as well as bringing different experiences and mindsets into the organization.

Amanda Bristow, Lead of the Global Allianz Engage Board:

“Turning 50, I began to feel subtle shifts in the perception of me and my place in the work environment.  At the same time, my children were entering the workplace for the first time.  I reflected on the opportunities that lay ahead of them but also questioned whether they, as new entrants, would be truly valued for their brilliant new ideas and experiences and found that I wasn’t alone.   

At Allianz Engage we are committed to creating an environment that embraces and promotes the value that people of different ages and at different life stages can bring to ensure that nobody experiences exclusion based on their date of birth. We create opportunities that bring people of different age groups together, to share their experiences, knowledge and skills whilst appreciating the different perspectives that come with age.”